Don’t Let Doubt Steal Your Faith

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I love to hear stories about people doing great and amazing things, especially if they have had to overcome handicaps or obstacles. It is inspiring to think that ordinary people, may, during their lifetime, take a leap of faith, in order to fulfil a dream, or overcome past failure and discouragement, to achieve success and satisfaction in the goal that had once seemed impossible.

What joy they must feel, and what an inspiration to all of us. Everyone has the ability to do awesome things, maybe not things that make head lines, but having a happy home and family, enjoying your friends or volunteering your time to help others is being successful and amazing.

I picked up a book that intrigued me last week, it is called” Help my Unbelief” why doubt is not the enemy of faith. I found a quiet spot and started to read, enough to know I wanted to buy it, because since I have accepted God’s invitation to be his child, and read the bible, I have been discouraged over the negative view of doubt.
Here was a author I could relate to, who was suggesting that it was actually healthy to ask God questions, ok to struggle to believe some times, to explore our faith. To know that doubt is not the enemy of faith was a huge relief for me, because in my walk with God I thought it was essential that I take the view, as many Christians do, that if God said it we must believe it and the matter is settled.

Another piece of the complicated jigsaw that represents my life has appeared as a gift straight from heaven. It has come at just the right time, when I needed to experience more freedom to be the real me.
You may be like me, and want to believe God’s truth, but have felt the need to pretend that you have got this faith teaching understood, when that is really not the case, so its wonderful to know that God like any parent loves us so much he is not surprised that we have questions, and want to understand, what it means to have faith in God.

If you would like to know more about this book, or have questions on faith, you can email me at Perhaps you have found pieces of your own puzzle that you would like to discuss with me. Or you might like to tell me your story. I would be glad to reply to you. In the mean time just remember we have come into freedom when we accepted Christ, and God does not want us to become enslaved by fear and Guilt
May God be with you Carol Christophers.

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