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Let me start by saying I am new to Blogging, but like a lot of people I know I have a passion to express my thoughts, share my truth, and get to know people from all walks of life. My passion is for encouragement, particularly to the broken hearted, because it lifts our spirits, and keeps us from giving up when it would be easy to.
Friendships come and go, families experience crisis’s, we are continually facing loss of one kind or another. Sometimes it might seem small, but if our hearts are hurting, it is all too easy to believe the ache will get better with time.
This is my story, of discovery, of confusion, a failed marriage, a search for truth and healing. As a child growing up I often felt different to the other kids around me. They seemed much more sure of themselves and I was shy and not very confident. Like most families we had our share of sorrow, and some of these experiences left a mark on me, that led me down a path of anxiety. I was undiagnosed as a child, and so I believed once I grew up and had a family of my own, I would put the anxiety behind me.
We often make wrong choices when we don’t have the right knowledge and the means available to us. My first marriage ended in divorce, I believed it was the anxiety, and depression that contributed to that decision. I had an experience around that time which was life changing. It can only be described as an over whelming sense of God’s love for me, a knowing that God was real, and that he accepted me, and ultimately everything that was in the past, the present, even my future was safe in his hands.
I thought I would be healed from the anxiety disorder, and there have been many times I have been ready to give up. God is always with me when I reach out to him, and his grace leads me to keep growing despite the set backs. I have 3 adult children and 5 Grand children. I am active in our local church. I have been married to Graham for 33 years. We have been involved in our own ministry particularly with the mentally ill, by providing them with encouragement and care. We started our own church with a core group of like minded people, and we have been on the local radio station for 10 years sharing the love of Jesus.
At this present time we are facing the biggest challenge in our ministry and in our family and our marriage relationship. We are definitely suffering the effects of a hurting heart.
This is why I have decided to put my faith into action, and start this blog, and so I invite you the reader to share with me, offer wisdom, and journey with me as we explore what it means to live and love, work and play whilst believing that God will heal and restore his people, defeat our enemies, and bring a peace to our hearts.
To my valued friends I say thank you to you all. I would love to hear your comments suggestions and ideas so here is my email address Have a great journey on your life path from Carol Christophers.

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Created with Nokia Smart Cam

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