Just One Touch.

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A flower needs the kiss of the sun, the gentle rain, and the blessing from above to flourish.
If God cares for the lilies in a field, loves them, and clothes them, supplying all their needs, will he not care when I pray, and tell him what I need. God must love birds, because he makes special mention of them in Matthew 6 verse 26, telling us they aren’t stressed and worn out. Perhaps the birds know their maker, better than we do. It is possible God made them for a very special purpose. Not only are they attractive, and stress free, they are also smart, make good parents and work to provide for their family. God does for them what they can’t do for themselves, and so they are blessed.
We are told in Matthew verse 26 we are far more valuable than the birds. God wants us to know him as our father, to understand how much he loves us, and how he longs to provide what we can’t provide for ourselves.
When we are sick, and the Doctors haven’t got the answer, or when we are broken hearted and need healing of our emotions.that is the time we need the wisdom of God, and his answers to problems too difficult to figure out.
We were never meant to live our lives without having a close relationship with our Heavenly Father.
He offers us the very best life we can have. It is not difficult to talk to our Father, talking is a form of prayer and very acceptable. God listens to us, and if we are willing to trust and obey him, he intervenes to change our circumstances, for the good. One touch from him, can give us the miracle we have needed and turn our hopeless situation into a total success.

Just recently, I felt God wasn’t hearing my prayers, I felt sad and abandoned. I just could not hear God’s voice in the midst of the loud noise going on around me. Then suddenly I felt his presence, and heard the voice I was longing to hear. I felt hope rise again, I was aware of his touch in my heart, in my mind and physically as well. The storm that was threatening my safety obeyed the voice of the Lord. It was still! Peace filled me again, followed by joy. I felt a new energy where there was weakness, I felt strong and full of motivation to keep following Jesus.
God is not a man that we can understand him, but he does know each one of us and knows when it is time to act. Whether it is to save us from some danger or to heal us, or bless us, he shows up at exactly the right time. Don’t delay from getting to know God, it will be the best day of your life. I wish you all peace and joy on your journey.

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