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  WHEN! your world crumbles and you find yourself loosing a loved one, or someone or something so precious, you just don’t feel life has any meaning left for you to continue to struggle and live. Maybe then those that are critical should remember that just because, we are still functioning, doesn’t mean there isn’t constant pain, or fear of the future. I think one of my worries that comes to mind is the thought that I will wear people out when that is the last thing I want to do. Sometimes you just want to cry and feel safe, that you can do this with a professional, or really good friend nearby.

In some cases there can be very real emotional pain, if you have been involved in a situation that has caused a family split and people have taken sides and accused you personally of things you have never done. At this time where do you go? where you will feel safe and not judged.

It isn’t weak to seek help, I have phoned for help, and I am waiting to hear back.

There are always options to look at or people can offer suggestions that may be just what you need to hear.

Recently I actually had a nasty fall through doing something stupid. I saw that my blind had come adrift, and got up on a chair with slippers on, and fell backwards on my head, I realized then how terribly alone I was, because my soul mate was no longer with me. I had to call an ambulance, after calling some people I knew, that hadn’t responded. {It was early in the morning and I don’t blame them} but that is when it sunk in really deeply, that I was absolutely alone or so I thought.

God had arranged an Angel at my side! Unbeknown to me I had a first cousin living just down the road that had actually been there for two years without us actually knowing it. A few days ago I found the house where she lived, so we caught up on family news and it was a real comfort to know she lived quite close.
When I had the fall and my head was bleeding badly, she looked at her phone and found I had called for her help. She came over, and even though by this time I had called an ambulance, she stayed with me and followed the ambulance to the hospital, then brought me home when I had been released.
I believe she was my Angel at that time,and I am so grateful she was there.
I still have quite a way through my problems and grief, but I have to ask myself, was that God’s way of letting me know I wasn’t truly alone. He was still taking care of me despite my faith being up and down. God loves us all he does not have favourites so if you are feeling like me, maybe he is trying to let you know you are not forgotten and he loves and cares for you so much.

I would love to hear from others who are struggling too, why not leave a comment, and tell your story. We certainly can be here for one another. No judgements will be tolerated on this site. This is a safe place to share your thoughts. It is not necessary to be a person of faith, you may be searching for the meaning to living life in a very uncertain world
Love from Carol

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